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Beautifully-printed apparel and accessories at fair prices,
created with responsible and eco-friendly production practices

Freeyourshirt is your creative platform for custom T-shirts and custom clothing from birth to over hundred year old people.

You can explore our easy to use T-shirt Designer and make your own T-shirt or other personalized clothing products to spread your message. Design your own T-shirt by customizing your own text on a variety of custom products, like hoodies, hats, or aprons.

Freeyourshirt has over 100 unique products for all your T-shirt printing and T-shirt design needs. Custom shirts make great custom T-shirts for family and friends!

Freeyourshirt is based on fairness and honesty. We ensure this by adhering to our Code of Practice. We make sure that our suppliers abide by our code or adhere to similar principles. We strive to conduct fair and legitimate relationships with all of our business partners. When choosing suppliers and merchants, personal relationships or gaining an advantage of some sort is never a decisive factor. All that counts is quality, experience and integrity. Certificates and official seals exist to document criteria like the cultivation and production of cotton as well as the production conditions in which the goods are manufactured (e.g. the absence of lead in children’s items and other matters related to lead or PVC content). Every certificate must be renewed annually.

Our Vision

Our ethical values define our actions with regard to our business customer relations, environmental aspects and design printing.

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